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5,555 generated luxury watch NFTs with their corresponding Swiss made watches


We are delivering a world first project:

High-quality 3D watch NFTs packed with utility that also come with their real-world equivalent timepieces.

Owning one of our NFTs also allows you to earn royalties on our physical watch sales.

Our NFTs and watches will give the owners access to the Watch Collective - an exclusive private members club for luxury lifestyle enthusiasts in both the real-world and an exciting and diverse metaverse.



The Watch Collective watches come from 100 years of watch making legacy.


Based in London with manufacturing in Switzerland, we are becoming the first luxury lifestyle watch brand directly incorporated into the Metaverse.


This first drop of 5,555 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain will provide the owners with the real-world watch equivalant of their mint, if held for a certain period of time. You can trade within that period to gain the exact watch you want.


The NFT will also provide exclusive membership to the Watch Collective - our Metaverse, future mints, collaborations, as well exclusive airdrops of further NFTs and real-world products:


accessories  |  straps  |  jewelry  |  automatic winders  |  and much more



Taking NFT rarity to a whole new level and bringing it into the real-world with luxurious materials:

Damascus Steel, Titanium, Forged Carbon, Ceramic, 22 crt Gold, Sapphire Crystal, Diamonds & much more.


We currently have a partnership with Sellita and Vaucher in Switzerland, where we make all of our customised automatic movements. Our regular movement has 26 jewels, 38 hour power reserve and a hacking second hand for ultimate precision.


Our 100 years of watch making heritage has taught us a few things and we take the engineering in our pieces that step further. For example, each movement is mounted in custom woven carbon fibre for added protection and resistance against impact.


Our NFT art is second to none, as you can see. We have even created the individual components of the movements.


We haven't stopped at the NFTs though, our real-world watches are just as impressive.

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This roadmap is only the beginning and will evolve as we grow


- Finalise all detailed 3D NFT artwork -

- Source all materials for real-world watches -

- Initial drop -


- Produce real-world watches -

- Rarity rankings -

- First accessory airdrop -

- First real-world event -

- Opening of digital boutique and first collaboration -

- Find locations for first real-world boutiques -

- Deliver watches to holders -

- Launch our world-first NFT owners Virtual Marketplace -

- Opening of first real-world boutique -

- Regular accessory airdrops -

- Second watch range mint -

- More collaborations with existing NFT projects -

- Collaborations with sport, fashion brands & designers -




This will grow and evolve across multiple Metaverse

The first stage in our own Metaverse will be to develop a digital boutique. Paul Dupuis members will have exclusive access and will be able to create 1/1 NFTs and real-world watches through collaborations with other NFT projects. Our Virtual Marketplace will also live here.

We will bring a whole new meaning to the way you flex your favourites NFT hodls.

NFT examples below are owned by our team:

NFT collabs 1.jpg


When you own the NFT, you own the right to produce as many versions of that real-world watch as you like, in our workshop. You can also upgrade when new components are released through new NFT mints, or customise with different straps and other options.

Make them for friends, family or even sell them as limited editions. We put the power in your hands.

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Imagine owning the rights to a well-known luxury watch brand model/colour. Then imagine earning royalties every time that brand sold a watch. That’s what we’re doing.

We want to give our NFT holders more value than has ever been seen in this space before. Through NFT ownership you’ll also earn royalties on every watch we sell in our boutiques, retailers and Virtual Marketplace.


If you own an NFT and allow us to sell physical versions of your watch, you will earn 80% of the royalties. The remaining 20% is shared amongst all NFT holders so everyone benefits.


Our Virtual Marketplace will allow you to create your own profile and display all your Watch Collective NFTs. Customers can then purchase the real watch with the click of a button from your portfolio.

This scheme goes live on sell-out of the original mint.

Marketplace iPad.png


Through NFT ownership you'll also gain exclusive access to upgrades and new customisation options.

These will include, bands, buckles, cases and our own custom movements built in partnership with Vaucher, Switzerland.

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Paul Dupuis Founder & Chief Product Designer

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Head of all Watch Production & Operations

Anton profile 1.jpg


Digital Art & Design Wizard in 3D Modelling

Bob profile 1.png


Metaverse & Strategic Advisor


We're all extremely passionate about luxury watches and the world of NFTs with years of experience between us.

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