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Building the most exclusive watch brand in the world


Our roadmap will evolve as our project grows

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We want both our NFTs and real-world watches to be the best they can possibly be. The first step is to finish developing the 3D art for each piece and component layer. We will also use this time to rigorously test all of our real-world material suppliers to make sure they reach our exacting standards.

Materials include: Damascus Steel, Grade 5 Titanium, Carbon Fibre, Sapphire Crystal, Gold, Platinum and Diamonds, to name just a few.


Launch day is arguably the most important day for any NFT project and we want ours to be as seamless as possible. We have created an amazing technical team and they are working tirelessly to create a smooth, fair and easy-to-use minting system.

Our website will be the only place to mint from and please only go to links we approve and post ourselves.

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After the initial mint, we will begin real-world production of all the minted watches. This process will take a few months as each watch is bespoke and handcrafted. Within this period of time you can trade your watch NFT, then once the allocated time is over, whoever owns an NFT will get the real-world equivalent. We will count this down over our social channels.


Each watch will be created from a set of traits, some more rare than others. The big difference to other NFT project traits though is that the materials used in these ours will be REAL in your real-world watch. That means the rarer watches will be made from actual gold, platinum or sapphire crystal. Some will also contain diamonds and other highly valuable precious stones.

You will have the opportunity to trade your NFTs straight after mint to get your hands on a rarer piece before the watches are dispatched.

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The first step of our integration into the Metaverse will be to create a digital watch boutique that all NFT owners will have exclusive access to. It is here you can virtually see your watch, new straps and accessory options, and create entirely new 1/1 NFTs and real-world watches through collaborations with other NFTs that you own. You own the IP to your watch so if you want another, you (and only you) can produce one with us.

Your watch will also be able to be worn by your avatars in a variety of Metaverse worlds and scenarios.


As well as virtual boutiques, we'll also be opening a number of real-world boutiques, exclusively open to our NFT and watch owners. Here you will be able to mint/buy new accessories and watches, as well as get your existing watches serviced and repaired.

The locations are yet to be determined, but they will be in major cities around the world. We will also use these venues for member events and parties.

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Imagine owning the rights to a well-known luxury watch brand model/colour. Then imagine earning large royalties every time that brand sold that watch. That’s what we’re doing.

We're transforming the NFT space and bringing our NFT holders more value than has ever been seen before in the space. You have the ability to sell real versions of your NFT watches & earn royalties on all sales.


Through NFT ownership you will earn royalties on all physical watch sales through our boutiques, retailers and virtual Marketplace.

As you will own the IP to your real-world watch, you can decide whether you'd like to 'stake' your NFT and allow us to sell your physical Swiss made watch for you. If you do, you will earn 80% of all the royalties from each sale. The remaining 20% will be shared with all our NFT holders so everyone benefits. This will go live after sell out of the original mint.

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Watch Collective members will be invited to exclusive events across the globe. This will be parties, new watch model launches, music concerts, sponsorship events and much more.

Additional to real-world events, you will also gain access to exclusive NFT launches for partner projects. These won't just be PFP projects, they will be in collaboration with some amazing brands in a variety of sectors from motorsport through to high-fashion.


We are already in talks with a number of well known sporting event organisers and owners to integrate the Watch Collective into their gaming platforms. The first of which will likely be in the motorsports sector. By being a Collective member, you will gain exclusive access and have further P2E (plat-to-earn) opportunities.

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The Watch Collective by Paul Dupuis is going to be one of the most exclusive watch brands in the world. By being a member, you will have early, and sometimes the only, access to our future watch model releases as well as custom components and movements.

Imagine being one of only a select number of individuals that was allowed to purchase existing luxury watch brands. Your membership will be priceless and extremely sought after.


We will make the Watch Collective by Paul Dupuis the most exclusive watch brand in the world and bridge the gap between the Metaverse and real-world luxury lifestyle products. Not only that, we will revolutionise the retail world allowing our members to earn from all of our NFT and real-world watch sales.

We'd love you to join us on our journey.

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